Key Features

  • Paperless worksheets for review and storage
  • Off-site review of ePanels
  • At-a-glance rule-in and rule-out analysis
  • Patient query of previous testing across your healthcare system
  • Simple import of suppliers' antigen profiles
  • Choice of platforms, either Internet or departmental intranet.
  • Full screen view of available cells
  • Easy cell elimination and selection, including special antigens and rare cell typings.  Test fewer cells!                              

Frozen inventory management 

  • Site-specific rare cell typing
  • Frozen cells and sera
  • Both testing comments and cell  comments 
  • Maintain stock levels with retired and out-of-stock statuses
  • Multiple reports to manage and document stock
  • On-site local backup of your inventory 


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Red Cell Antibody Identification

The only software system for identifying, reviewing and storing antibody identifications.

​RC-Aid enables blood centers and transfusion services to easily identify red blood cell antibodies for testing. As a Web-based technology, RC-Aid is safer and more efficient than traditional computer programs and can be accessed from any computer with Internet capabilities.