What RC-Aid offers the Transfusion Service...

RC-Aid offers:

  • rule-in and rule-out analysis based on test results
  • electronic review of the ePanel
  • choice of a paperless work-up
  • patient query of previous work-ups across the hospital system
  • your choice of platform - either your hospital/lab internet or the web

The first question most people ask is how the lots get in the inventory.  The site-assigned inventory manager searches the master import list and with one click copies the antigen profile into their inventory. 

Once the cells are in your inventory, you have full control, including use of outdated cells.

  • All manufacturers are available and included with your subscription
  • Any extended antigens provided by the supplier are available
  • Lots are entered as they are being shipped and are usually available when you receive your reagents
  • All entries have been double validated

Once your inventory is loaded RC-Aid provides a powerful search capability by any combination of parameters allowing for easy selection of cells specific for your testing needs

After you have selected your cells you easily create an ePanel where you enter your test results and view the automatically generated

  • rule-in and rule-out analysis
  • heterozygous and homozygous cross-outs
  • heterozygous and homozygous counts


The ePanel allows

  • unlimited comments
  • more cells to be added to complete rule-outs. 
  • auto-analysis on as many phases as you specify so you can do a control cell
  • passing off to the next tech, even at another site in the same healthcare system(by copying and closing the first ePanel)
  • up to eight phases of test results and optional manual cross-outs
  • template creation, i.e., pre-selected test cells for common antibodies
  • auto-analysis to be turned off for all or selected phases

Once the med tech completes the ePanel, authorized reviewers can do multiple electronic reviews from any PC

The ePanel with cross-outs and comments can be printed or saved electronically at any time.  (A pretesting worksheet can also be printed.)

Cleared by the FDA

A full suite of documentation accompanies your subscription:

  • User manual
  • Sample procedure
  • Validation plan
  • Fill-in-the-screen-shot validation (that cross references to the validation plan)
  • Training documentation form
  • Implementation checklist

Each license includes all antigen profiles of all suppliers and unlimited access