What others are saying

"With RC-Aid I could be reviewing my staff's worksheets while I'm at the conference.  Right now they're just sitting there waiting until I get back."  Teresa P., Supervisor

"It saves time." Michael D., Supervisor

"The three things that save the most time in my Blood Bank are automated testing, electronic crossmatching and RC-Aid."  Diane S., Supervisor

"RC-Aid is so much more user friendly." Mary K., Supervisor

"My students and new employees say that this is the best improvement in Blood Banking ever!" Jeanne A., BB Education Coordinator

"I can't imagine doing it manually ever again." Tracy C., technical specialist

"RC-Aid speeds up the search for red cell phenotypes, and suspected antibodies are accurately identified with a minimum number of cells, saving both time and reagents. Custom made reagent red cell panels are created in a matter of minutes and, if needed, modified to suit my needs with a few keystrokes. RC-Aid is an extremely useful tool in the pursuit of accurate, complete and rapid antibody specificity confirmation." Walter S., technical specialist